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Custom Caribbean jungle home on 7 acres of forest with a jungle river

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Welcome to the Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica - also known as Caribe Sur, where the local vibe is hot, lifestyle ultra-relaxed and the surrounding vegetation and beaches - simply paradisical! The Southern Caribbean is made up of a small group of communities shared by several tribes of local Indigenous Indians, Afro-Caribbean settlers, Ticos and an international blend of expats from over 50 different countries. The main tourist towns of Cahuita and Puerto Viejo are located approximately 1 hour south of the port city of Limon or 4 hours from the international airport in San Jose.

CARIBE SUR Real Estate is a full service real estate company serving the southern Caribbean, assisting our clients to buy or sell eco friendly properties and businesses to people from around the world.

We offer the finest selection of properties for sale on the Caribbean Coast including homes, lots, beach lands, farms, hotels, eco resorts, bars and restaurants from Cahuita to Hone Creek, Bribri, Puerto Viejo, Cocles, Playa Chiquita, Punta Uva, Manzanillo and the surrounding areas. All of the properties promoted on this website have been screened through diligent legal analysis - assuring you, the client, of a safe and efficient buying process. Simply put, we don't take risks with one of the most important investments of your lifetime - and neither should you!

Our agents are well trained local experts and certified by the leading real estate organizations of Costa Rica. Our expertise, local knowledge and honest ethics will help you to achieve your dreams, whether you're looking for a vacation get-away home, a smart investment or to start an eco tourism project.

We don't just sell real estate, we help realize your dreams, protect your investments and create new friendships and neighbors in a small progressive community - all in a courteous, friendly and professional manner!

Feature Listings
Caribean Properties for sale within the jungle
Finca del Dragon de Agua Lote Margarita Casa Vanessa
Finca del Dragon de Agua for Sale in Cocles              Lote Margarita for Sale in Cocles              Casa Vanessa for Sale in Playa Chiquita
$289,000 $62,750 $120,000
Custom Caribbean jungle home on 7 acres of forest with a jungle river Slight sloped hillside lot near the beaches and commercial areas surrounded by lush tropical forest. PRICE REDUCED! A 2 bedroom home in Playa Chiquita on a small hill with cooling afternoon breezes. An open air living room faces the gardens and forest.
Caribbean Properties for sale
Bucella Village Casa Perfecta Coco Chin River Lots
Bucella Village for Sale in Playa Chiquita      Casa Perfecta for Sale in Cocles              Coco Chin River Lots for Sale in Cocles
$375,000 $250,000 $76,000
A small and cosy hotel in Playa Chiquita, puerto Viejo Limòn, close to the most beutiful beaches. Spacious 3 bedroom tropical home Prime parcels 1 to 2 acres. Flat and dry with creek and river frontage bordered by ancient primary forest.
Caribean Properties for sale within the jungle
Cocles Jungle Retreat Casa Pandora Manzanillo Oasis
Cocles Jungle Retreat for Sale in Cocles              Casa Pandora for Sale in Playa Chiquita      Manzanillo Oasis for Sale in Manzanillo
$249,000 $280,000 $295,000
A large, gently sloping property with mature gardens, private jungle and residence with personality! Close to amenities. Three bedroom residential home with swimming pool within easy walking distance to the beaches and town. Large 2.5 acre property with 3 residences and swimming pool near beach. Great commercial potential or a spacious estate.
Property in the Jungle
The Studio House Punta Uva Commercial Residential Roadfront Lot Restaurant and Vacational Rental Business
The Studio House for Sale in Puerto Viejo        Punta Uva Commercial Residential Roadfront Lot for Sale in Punta Uva           Restaurant and Vacational Rental Business for Sale in Playa Chiquita
$280,000 $91,000 $460,000
A contemporary and artistically unique home within less than 200 meters from the black sands of Playa Negra near Puerto Viejo. This quality home sits on a quarter acre lot, includes 2 bedrooms with private bathrooms, each designed in Gaudi style.... Prime location on the main road. Commercial property with private residence, restaurant and vacation rental home in a great location. Still some room for expansion.
Jungle lots for residential use
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Talamanca Local News
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We’ve gone social!
So what’s new in Puerto Viejo? You might be wondering why the news here hasn’t been updated in a while. It’s because we’ve moved to social media instead of this news site for our updates on what’s happening in the area. It lets us get you the news quicker and in the smaller lively chunks you [...]

Buses to Puerto Viejo and Cahuita to Leave from New Terminal in San Jose
As of November 28th on the bus terminal for buses to Puerto Viejo and Cahuita will be in the same bus station as the buses going to La Fortuna and Montezuma. The terminal is called Atlantico Norte and it is on Avenida 9, calle 12, Barrio Mexico, San Jose. The schedule remains the same. [...]

Costa Rica News
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Nicaraguan remittances from Costa Rica total $282 million per year

September 1st, 2014 A recent study by the Costa Rican government reveals that Nicaraguans living in Costa Rica send $282 million in remittances per year to their native country.

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No hurricanes in Costa Rica HURRICANE FREE ZONE!
Most of Costa Rica and all of the Southern Caribbean coast is immune from hurricanes! Yes, we are truly one of the ONLY areas in the entire Caribbean area that sits below the 10 degree latitude zone, where hurricanes never go.

Manuel Pinto Top Realtor in Costa Rica TOP REALTORS IN COSTA RICA
Manuel Pinto, owner/broker of CARIBE SUR, has been selected in the WeLoveCostaRica.com's Top Realtors in Costa Rica list. CARIBE SUR Real Estate has consistently and continues to be the highest recommended agency on the Caribbean.



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